Our Software

Busca-Casa is a Real Estate network system that allows you to share all your property listing with hundreds of agents affiliated in more than 5 countries.


CRM + Real Estates Sotware

With Busca-Casa you can control all of your Leads( resale, rental, landlords, buyers, providers, etc) enquiries, details and requests. Set all privileges for your internal users or share Leads between them.

 My Website (your website in 5 minutes)

Our new and powerful web system allows you to take control over all your website areas. Built using the best ideas from our advanced web designers to make control easy and at the same time professional, allowing you to create new web pages.

With Busca-Casa say good bye to paying extra money for a webmaster to supervise your website. With only a few clicks you can create new web pages, translate sections, write blogs and news. Busca-Casa can build professional and elegant websites, connected in real time with your property listing...


 Message Center

Our Message Center allows you to advertise your properties to other agents on the system or find a property for your clients with only 1 click.

Do you have a buyer but you cannot find a property in your own direct listings? With Busca-Casa you can place an advert seeking a property which invite several offers and proposals from other members.



Receive appointment requests to visit your properties via email. With a single click you can confirm or reject a request without the need to deal directly with other agents. You can also change the appointment to another time that suits you better...

A very quick way to avoid unnecessary telephone calls.


My preferred agents

Choose with whom you wish to collaborate and the properties you want to display on your website.


 Availability Control

You can view, in real time, the last update on each individual property. If one property is out of date you can request, with one click, an update. If in 48 hours you do not receive any reply the property is set automatically as unavailable. This process will keep your inventory always up to date...

 XML connection with your current provider

Join Busca-Casa and continue with your current provider. You only have to add the URL of your property XML location and our system will take care of everything. Once your listing is synchronized with Busca-Casa you can start using our system with the full features and functions, including the integration with your website...

 Users control

Give individual permissions for each user in your office. The users can access, view or delete only the information and sections that you allow.

 Property windowcard

Display properties window cards from other agencies using your own corporate logo and contact information.

Multi-language listing

Find hundreds of properties available in several languages to display in your website.

Technical Support

Our Customer Service Department is here to help in any way we can... You are able to ask Questions via our online database to help you with any immediate problems.